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CEE creates a space for enterprising schools and partner organisations from across the world to learn with and from each other through the sharing of ideas, research and innovations. These schools will be recognised as CEE Member Schools.  CEE Member Schools along with partner organisations and individuals see themselves as leaders in supporting and educating emerging global citizens, ready to explore opportunities for personal and community growth and development.


  • We engage the power of many voices to strengthen our schools, communities and world
  • We challenge limits to imagine and explore new possibilities
  • We inspire other Schools and institutions and the next generation to lead with courage, competence, and empathy
  • We prepare our students for a world of change, complexity and ambiguity and to live lives of creativity, commitment, confidence, and contribution to others.


  • Connect with other like-minded leading schools, teachers and organisations both locally and internationally.
  • Promote, share and support school and practitioner based research focused on building enterprising mindsets in students and teachers.
  • Promote and share School and teacher innovations.
  • Facilitate connections between like-minded schools to engage in and develop collaborative teacher programs and exchange opportunities.
  • Embolden and encourage each other to continue to innovate and challenge educational a paradigms.
  • Explore opportunities to connect through and share professional learning.


CEE will host and maintain a virtual membership space to:

  • Profile partner schools
  • Profile organisations that support and share our enterprising mindset for education
  • Host practitioner research undertaken by partner schools
  • Facilitate the connection of Schools to each other
  • Publish a quarterly electronic network newsletter featuring innovations in partner schools, profiling new members and sharing research

Value Proposition:

  • No memberships fees
  • No dedicated personnel requirement
  • Reciprocal marketing opportunities
  • Free access to members
  • Discounted access to CEE events
  • Immersive visits to CEE Member Schools
  • Option to submit research to the CEE repository
  • Option to join the reference group for the biennial conference